Best Paper and Demonstration

Nineteenth International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems
9-13 May 2020, Auckland, New Zealand

Best Paper

Deep Residual Reinforcement Learning
Shangtong Zhang, Wendelin Boehmer, Shimon Whiteson

Pragnesh Jay Modi Best Student Paper

Yesterday’s Reward is Today’s Punishment: Contrast Effects in Human
Feedback to Reinforcement Learning Agents
Divya Ramesh, Anthony Z. Liu, Andres J. Echeverria, Jean Y. Song,
Nicholas R. Waytowich, Walter S. Lasecki

Best Blue Sky Paper

New Foundations of Ethical Multiagent Systems.
Pradeep Kumar Murukannaiah, Nirav Ajmeri, Catholijn Jonker, Munindar Singh

Agents are Dead. Longlive Agents!
Virginia Dignum, Frank Dignum

Honorable mention:
Live Simulations
Samarth Swarup, Henning Mortveit

Best Demonstration

Best (innovative) demo:
AI-assisted Schedule Explainer for Nurse Rostering Kristijonas Cyras, Amin Karamlou, Myles Lee, Dimitrios Letsios, Ruth Misener, Francesca Toni

Best (application) demo:
DALI: An Agent-Plug-In System to “Smartify” Conventional Traffic Control Systems Behnam Torabi and Rym Wenkstern