Accepted Doctoral Consortium

List of accepted Doctoral Consortium

Paper ID Authors Title
5 Sindhu P R (Indian Institute of Science) Reinforcement Learning Algorithms for Autonomous Adaptive Agents
6 Michael Pernpeintner (Institute for Enterprise Systems (InES), University of Mannheim, Germany) Achieving Emergent Governance in Competitive Multi-Agent Systems
7 Jaelle Scheuerman (Tulane University) Computational Methods for Simulating Biased Agents
8 Miguel Vasco (INESC-ID, Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon) Multimodal Representation Learning for Robotic Cross-Modality Policy Transfer
9 Joseph Singleton (Cardiff University) Truth Discovery: Who to Trust and What to Believe
10 Elizabeth Bondi (Harvard University) Vision for Decisions: Utilizing Uncertain Real-Time Information and Signaling for Conservation
12 Ana-Andreea Stoica (Columbia University) Models for Understanding Algorithmic Bias in Social Networks: from Recommendation to Message Diffusion
13 Zhaohong Sun (UNSW Sydney) New Challenges in Matching with Constraints
14 Francesca Mosca (Dept. of Informatics, King’s College London) Value-Aligned and Explainable Agents for Collective Decision Making: Privacy Application
15 Charlie Street (Oxford Robotics Institute, University of Oxford) Towards Multi-Robot Coordination under Temporal Uncertainty
16 Roxana Rădulescu (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) A Utility-Based Perspective on Multi-Objective Multi-Agent Decision Making
17 Zoi Terzopoulou (University of Amsterdam) Incomplete Opinions in Collective Decision Making
19 John Harwell (University of Minnesota) A Theoretical Framework for Self-Organized Task Allocation in Large Swarms
20 Theodor Cimpeanu (Teesside University) Cost Effective Interventions in Complex Networks Using Agent-Based Modelling and Simulations
22 Carlos Azevedo (ISR, Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon) Long-Run Multi-Robot Planning Under Uncertain Task Durations
23 Connor Basich (University of Massachusetts Amherst) Competence-Aware Systems for Long-Term Autonomy
25 Wenlong Wang (New Zealand Institute for Advanced Study, Massey University) Implementing Securities Based Decision Markets with Stochastic Decision Rules
26 Kai Wang (Harvard University) Balance Between Scalability and Optimality in Network Security Games
27 Martin Bullinger (Technische Universität München) Computing Desirable Partitions in Coalition Formation Games
28 Johan Källström (Linköping University) Adaptive Agent-Based Simulation for Individualized Training
29 Arthur Boixel (Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC) University of Amsterdam) Computer-aided Reasoning about Collective Decision Making
31 Andreasa Morris-Martin (University of Bath) Decentralised Runtime Norm Synthesis
32 Jan Buermann (University of Southampton) Efficiency and Fairness of Resource Utilisation under Uncertainty
33 Davide Azzalini (Politecnico di Milano) Modeling and Comparing Robot Behaviors for Anomaly Detection
35 Mengxiao Zhang (The University of Auckland) Incentive Mechanisms for Data Privacy Preservation and Pricing